About Us

uOttawa Students for Free Speech is a club founded at the University of Ottawa in 2017. Our mandate is threefold;

  1. To protect and advocate for freedom of speech on campus.
  2. To raise awareness about issues concerning freedom of expression on campus and the local community.
  3. To provide a forum to discuss and debate ideas on campus.


Elijah Bedassie


Elijah, President of uOSFS, is in his second year of Joint Honours Philosophy and Political Science. He currently works part-time at the Senate, and will (hopefully!) soon be working as a political staffer for the 2019 election. After graduating, Elijah is looking to complete a Masters/PhD on the link between nationalism and social trust, and then hopes to earn a law degree.

Victor Alves Borba

Vice President

Victor, Vice President of uOSFS, is in his fifth year of Biopharmaceutical Sciences specializing in Medicinal Chemistry. He is currently working on his honour’s project in natural product total synthesis. Victor’s hobbies include singing metal, snowboarding, performing piano, and competing in Super Smash Bros. tournaments. After graduating, Victor is looking to complete a Masters/PhD in synthetic organic chemistry and work in the pharmaceutical industry designing drug compounds.

Michele Di Franco

VP Finance

Michele, Vice President Finance of uOSFS, is a Masters student studying economics. He is in the process of writing his major paper on village governance reforms and female empowerment in rural India. He also works as a teaching assistant, TA’ing classes in economic history and macroeconomic theory (econ students, beware). When not stressing out over uOSFS Finances, Michele plays second bassoon with the Divertimento Orchestra and bassoon and contrabassoon with the Ottawa Pops Orchestra.

Maddie Froggatt

VP Social Affairs

Maddie, Vice President Social Affairs of uOSFS, is currently completing her third year of Communication and Media Studies at uOttawa. Along with her undergrad, she is working as a part time intern for National Public Relations in the heart of downtown. In her spare time, you can usually find her taking photos around the city or playing board games with her friends. With her knowledge of social media and event planning, Maddie hopes to help uOSFS make this year an exciting and unforgettable experience for our members.

Trevor Stewart

VP Francophone Affairs

Trevor, Vice President of Francophone Affairs, is completing his B. Sc in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. He is passionate about francophone rights, especially in a linguistic minority context. He has worked on numerous election campaigns and his hobbies include politics, French improv, and Edith Piaf. After graduating, Trevor hopes to work in provincial politics as well as constructing and launching a french-Canadian Death Star.


Click here to see the most updated version of the uOSFS Constitution.